Reasons Why You Need a Thermos to Carry Your Hot Beverage

If you are like us and you enjoy spending time outdoors, then a thermos is probably one of your go-to items when packing for an outing. For those who still haven’t discovered this small and useful thing, we’ll try to present it as best as possible.

What is a thermos and how does it work?

A thermos, or a vacuum flask, is a storage container used for maintaining the temperature of transported liquids for as long as possible. What makes it possible is the double wall with a vacuum in between. And since the vacuum is the best insulator, it prevents the heat as well as cold from escaping the vessel.

A thermos is mainly used for saving hot and cold beverages and liquid foods for later usage. Here are some of the situations where a thermos might come in handy.

Enjoying a hot beverage on the go

If you’re one of those people who have a certain way of making things, then you’d definitely appreciate having a thermos. That way you could have a hot cup of your special brew of tea or coffee wherever you are. Having warm liquid at hand is especially comforting when we’ve caught a cold, but still have to work or study.

A convenience when traveling

Sometimes it takes a long time to get somewhere. Other times, our destinations are far from civilization with all its shops and conveniences of electricity. When found in those circumstances, a thermos can be of great help.

Not only can we drink a fairly warm cup of tea or coffee or even eat noodles after several hours, but we can also refresh ourselves with some cooling options.

The source of warmth in extreme conditions

People who enjoy extreme experiences in the cold, like mountain climbing, know how lifesaving a thermos can be. Since the main advantage of a thermos is temperature preservation, it can be the only source of warmth in extreme cold. In sub-zero conditions, we can use a hot thermos to warm ourselves when we sleep or rest. Furthermore, it can keep our drinking water in liquid state.

Hygiene aid

When camping outdoors, away from the convenience of running water, our thermos can help! Suffice to store some hot water in it and bring a small towel, and we can satisfy our basic hygiene needs.

Evidently, there are a lot of situations in which a thermos can be very useful. But whatever they may be, it’s important to follow safety rules that can be found in the instructions. Obviously, thermos’ magic doesn’t last forever.

Uneaten food from an open thermos cannot be preserved for a long time because of growing bacteria. But when handled properly, a thermos can certainly make some everyday life situations more pleasant.