How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

When we’re on a tight budget, we find ourselves crunching numbers more often than we’d like to admit. Let’s face it – every dollar counts. If we take the time to analyze our expenses, it’s not that difficult to figure out what’s burning the hole in our pockets – grocery shopping. If you, too, are wondering how to save money grocery shopping, then these tips might come in handy.

1: Make a list and stick to it

When we’re out there grocery shopping, our worst enemy is – ourselves. Therefore, it is crucial that we go out with a plan. Making a shopping list means pre-planning our meals and possible cravings. There’s just no room for budget-breaking surprises.

2: Whenever possible, shop alone

Let’s get one thing straight – our family members are our second worst enemy when we’re in a supermarket. Unless we’re 100% sure they know how to stick to our list, too, we should leave them at home when going to pick up the groceries.

3: Never shop hungry

Shopping on a full stomach is one of the kindest favors we can do for our budget. If we start filling up our basket when hungry, the only thing we’ll end up with is too much stuff we don’t need.

4: Once inside, stay on the perimeter

We’ve all heard stories of strategically positioned products. But it is possible to avoid that trap by steering clear of the middle aisles. The essentials that we really need – meat, dairy, produce – will be on the supermarket’s perimeter.

5: Don’t keep your eyes on the prize

Instead, look up and down. It’s no secret that the more affordable products and less popular brands are not on the eye-level shelves.

6: Bigger isn’t always cheaper

Just because the store is offering an amazing discount on a pack of 20 hotdogs doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to buy it. Before we reach for the big packs on sale, we need to ask ourselves – can we really eat it all?

7: Skip the bottled water

The recommended daily intake of water is around 16 oz. That’s about 4 bottles of water a day, which amounts to at least $4. Now, unless you want to spend $120 a month on water alone, we suggest getting a reusable bottle and switching to tap water instead.

8: There’s no shame in couponing

Now, it’s perfectly okay not to be into Extreme Couponing, but occasionally turning to coupons can be of great help. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for those coupons that would get us our favorite products at lower prices.

Final thoughts

Cutting on grocery expenses might seem difficult at first. However, sticking to these tips is sure to help stay under the budget, while still getting everything we need.