How To Fortify Your Front Porch Against Package Thieves

Package thieves are essentially just the worst of the worst. They are human cockroaches. I know that sounds harsh. I know that sounds dismissive, but it’s also absolutely true. If you think that I’m going a bit too far, or this is a little bit overkill, wait until your packages from Amazon gets stolen from right under you; It’s a headache.

You have to understand that when your package gets stolen when it’s delivered by an online store, you really have no legal recourse. If you think about it, and your trace the whole product purchase process, you’re out of luck.

First of all, the legal responsibility of the online store you bought from ends when they hand over the product to the shipping company. At that point, if you complain to them that you didn’t receive your product, they can lean on the shipping company, but at the end of the day, they’re not legally responsible.

When the shipping drops off your package, and has proof that they dropped it off, you’re on your own. I know it’s hard to accept. Despite the many advantages of online shopping, this is the sticking point. Because if you are surrounded by people who get off on stealing other people’s packages, or who simply just want to steal all day, every day, you got a problem on your hands.

This is where a little bit of pro-activity or initiative can go a long way. Just because package thieves thrive and abound all around, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be their next victim. You can protect yourself. Here are just some tips on how to fortify your front door from package thieves.

Get a Package-Friendly Front Porch Gate Design

You have to consult with your homeowners’ association if you have one. You’re very lucky if you don’t have a homeowners’ association because this means that you can just install a front porch gate. People are not going to cry over the design. People are not going to give you unnecessary grief over the fact that you decided to put this up.

But assuming that you do live in an area with a homeowners’ association, clue them in. Give them the design, and if they have any objections, they can help you alter the design, and you can go with a provider who would go with the altered design. Pretty straightforward, it can burn quite a bit of a few days, but at the end of the day,

it’s worth the hassle because now, you have the full blessing of the homeowners’ association in the area you live. Once you get that out of the way, have the front porch gate installed, so this way, when the delivery person slides in the packages, porch thieves and package thieves cannot reach in and grab it.

Because a lot of the times, these package doors are set up so that they trap the arm of somebody putting their arm in to steal your stuff. Please understand that the typical package thief is not stupid, that they know what they’re doing. So they know that if they push their luck, they might get stuck.

Talk about making the cops’ jobs easier. They don’t want to be caught in that compromising position. So the moment they see that you have a specially-designed package-friendly front porch gate, they would think twice.

Instead, they would look at your neighbors’ place and see if they got packages. That’s how these thieves operate. In fact, the way they case homes takes a few minutes. They just spend a few seconds looking at one home, and then the next home, and basically scanning which home is vulnerable.

They do this on a motor-vehicle. Maybe they’re driving a scooter, or a motorcycle, or a car. But they can do it very quickly, they do quick scans. If this sounds familiar, it should. It’s like a mosquito.

Did you know that before a mosquito bites, and starts drawing your blood, and your skin starts getting itchy, that it actually scans your skin several dozen times until it finds a vulnerable spot from which to draw blood. The same kind of mindset and operation applies to package thieves. Make package thieves know that you have a specially-designed porch gate

Sometimes package thieves get so excited about getting a particular package that may look like it contains the kind of product that they have always wanted. Maybe they’re looking for an iPhone, or they’re looking for a nice jacket.

So if they see a package behind the screen of your specially-designed package gate, they might be tempted to risk it and put their arm in. Make their job easier, seriously. Get rid of all mystery by simply posting a sign right on the porch gate that it is a security porch gate.

This means that their arm will get stuck. If this still doesn’t deter your potential porch thieves, go on to the next tip below. I can guarantee you that this will shut them down.

Get a Nasty Dog

By nasty, I’m talking about dogs that are beefy, like a pit bull or something along that same level. A lot of people think that a pit bull is a controversial type of dog, I agree. So whatever the case may be, get a really fierce dog and let that dog sleep and hang out in the porch area. This is the area where a person has to put their arm in to get your package.

They’re going to have a tough time. In fact, you may be able to scare them off 10 feet away. The downside to this, is that you may also scare off the delivery person. So you may want to get a specially-designed package shoot that makes it quick, easy, and safe for the delivery person without them running a foul over your dog.

Keep the tips above in mind to maximize your home’s safety from package thieves.